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Contest Entry: Dragons by taniiia-alva Contest Entry: Dragons :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 16 14 In the Fall by taniiia-alva In the Fall :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 6 4 Art dump 1  by taniiia-alva Art dump 1 :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 8 3 Welcome to the Masquerade ball!  by taniiia-alva Welcome to the Masquerade ball! :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 11 12 Late goodnight doodle by taniiia-alva Late goodnight doodle :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 7 5 Zina's Needles by taniiia-alva Zina's Needles :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 11 4 Like father like son  by taniiia-alva Like father like son :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 6 4 KAZE  by taniiia-alva KAZE :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 9 6 KAZE: Bar Fun by taniiia-alva KAZE: Bar Fun :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 10 5 My World by taniiia-alva My World :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 16 6 KAZE 3  by taniiia-alva KAZE 3 :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 14 4 Fly away the Stress by taniiia-alva Fly away the Stress :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 28 16 Endless Thoughts by taniiia-alva Endless Thoughts :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 16 13 Meet the Artist by taniiia-alva Meet the Artist :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 7 2 You thinking what I'm thinking?  by taniiia-alva You thinking what I'm thinking? :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 15 4 KAZE 2 by taniiia-alva KAZE 2 :icontaniiia-alva:taniiia-alva 16 8


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Contest Entry: Dragons
This is for Mouse-La-Flutist 's Crackshipping Contest. I wasn't sure what to do there were so many options! So I went with Mouse's Ethelinda and my OC Kalev. I like that they are both dragons, yet have a cool/warm (opposite color scheme).They're good friends and co-workers, (well Kalev works for Ethy but same difference), so why not crack ship them!!!!? haha. Well! I'm really excited to be participating in this! I hope you guys like it and I apologize for my lack of activity, life gets kind of busy.  

Ethelinda belongs to Mouse-La-Flutist 
Kalev belongs to me
Eliatrope Dragons belong to Ankama
In the Fall
Hello everyone I apologize for not posting so much. I know this isn't Wakfu related but it's a piece I made a while back that I'm proud of. I hope you guys thinks it's interesting. :)
Art dump 1
Random crap I've made for fun!
Top left is a portrait of me wearing a random mask.
Top right is a traveling woman. Just practicing!
Bottom left is the night king. Just a fun concept piece.
The 4th was a failed livestream attempt. Was practicing masks!

All art belongs to me Thank you!
Welcome to the Masquerade ball!
I literally just wanted to see them dressed up. So here you go! If you guys wanna take this idea please do so!
Fun facts:
I was gonna make Eli short but then I drew him tall so I guess I should go for what naturally comes to me.

Eli, Ade, Zina and Kalev belong to me.
Masqueraiders and Eliatropes belong to Ankama
The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character)

Tagged by :iconmouse-la-flutist:

Kalev facts:
1. He likes to be comfortable so if you ever show up at Ethelinda's library he'll most like be in his socks.
2. Kalev heavily resembles a previous OC of mine that I may introduce later. (not part of the Wakfu Universe though)
3. Before settling down at in the outskirts of Bonta, he traveled a lot with his sister and friends and so his journal is filled with pages of their adventures and short stories.
4. Kalev wears his hair long because he has a small bump on the bridge of his nose which he used to be insecure about, not so much anymore but he's gotten used to his hair style.
5. He's down to be anyone's D.D. (Designated driver) since he doesn't drink. *cough*Isaiah*cough*Emil*cough*
6. His favorite color is royal blue.
7. Sexuality: He'd like to think he doesn't care, and that he'll love whoever he loves, but he's only ever been attracted to women.
8. Kalev is very patient, when he's upset he isolates himself, and he very rarely gets mad.

:iconriiko96: Nash (if you want to and have time)
:iconmouse-la-flutist: Candide
:iconsongofnanuk13: Radelle

Side note: A lot of people I wanted to Tag already got tagged so yeah...
Character Tag: Kalev by taniiia-alva


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